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Understanding English and Basic Grammar CRSE 1-3

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About the class

About the class

This webinar is hosted in English

Enrolling for this course in the English As a Second Language targets three main subject areas in reading, literature, and composition to engage students in becoming skilled readers of content focusing on developing a solid core of basic English grammar skills for beginning learners of English. In particular, it covers the structure of declarative, interrogative and imperative sentences; simple present, past and future forms as well as present continuous; pronominal forms; possessive constructions (have-possessives, genitives, of-possessives); nominal plural formation; simple conjunctions.

The second level of this course aims at developing students' ability to handle a variety of basic social situations (introductions, ordering meals, asking directions, making purchases, taking & leaving simple messages, etc.). Students will learn to tell simple stories and describe pictures in simple sentences, and to understand simple narratives. They will also increase their vocabulary.

The third and final level of this course focuses on developing basic reading and writing skills. After completing the course, students are expected to be able to write short messages and descriptions; fill out simple forms; apply basic principles of capitalization and punctuation; read simplified short texts on familiar topics and answer factual questions about the reading; scan to locate information in text; categorize vocabulary (synonyms, antonyms). Students will also increase their vocabulary.

Understanding English and Basic Grammar CRSE 1-3
Fees: $25.00 per month (2 days a week)

Opportunity to move forward:
Business Spelling and Word Power CRSE 301
Fees $25 per month; 2 days a week

About the Host

THM Sadaqa Group

THM Sadaqa Group


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